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Product Design Lab

Digital products to be remembered, crafted by creative technologists.


Full-stack development with a focus on state-of-the-art web-based and native technologies for all platforms: mobile, desktop, IoT, and more. Enjoyable experiences included.


We bring ideas to life and create enjoyable experiences efficiently and timely. Interactive with a professional appeal, providing a rich UX / UI design.


The web is the door to the world and and crucial for your successful business. We create websites tailored to your needs.


Convey your business' image with pictures. Architecture, aviation, documentation, lifestyle, industry, landscape, photojournalism, portraits, product - it's all covered.

The One-Stop-Shop for Product Design and Development

The success of innovative software products and services is decided at an early stage. An impressive experience of the still-fresh ideas with the involvement of all stakeholders is essential. Product design is the holistic process starting with problem exploration to shipping a solution that gets you there. It’s the way to an outstanding experience that enables a healthy business. With our hearts on design and development, we’re the one-stop-shop to elevate digital products.
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The Product Design Lab Explained

Inspirespace is the partner to support you in the phases from idea development to tangible product, e.g. a Proof of Concept (PoC) or Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The company offers space for the creative and explorative design of digital products. It allows us to experiment with ideas, realize them quickly, and reflect on the results (Ideation and Rapid Prototyping). The developed products and prototypes are visually impressive and understandable. Results are diverse and tailored to individual requirements and can materialize in the form of apps, interactive prototypes, physical installations, websites, or mockups of an app idea. There’s no strict border – it’s a process that will lead to the right solution.

The Process to an Outstanding Experience

We follow a creative and solution-oriented approach by using common design methodologies (Explorative Design, Design Thinking) and utilize the latest technical possibilities (disruptive technologies) in an agile software development process. The product design lab provides a space for exploration in an environment apart from the day-to-day operations. The results can be used, for example, in user studies for iterative further development, but also specifically as media-effective communication instruments, such as trade fairs or as permanent interactive demos. Results are professionally documented and provided, e.g. in the form of code, hosted solution, reports, photo, or video documentation.

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Experience in a range of fields

The intersection of design and technology opens exciting opportunities where we bring in various skills – just to name a view:

Some of our Work

Do you want to know what you can expect coming out of the product design lab? Have a look!


Interactive apps and prototypes with a focus on a rich user experience utilizing web technologies, such as Angular and Material Design with a focus on geospatial data visualization (GIS) and gameful experiences. Carefully designed products that shine!


Modern web presences built on top of solid foundations, such as WordPress, Shopify or Hugo, and a visual language that is coherent with your story. Illustrations, graphics, logos, and carefully selected photographs to underline your business by design. The center stage for your service or product.

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