Drone connectivity 3D visualization and analytics app to enable safe drone operations

This web application with a focus on 3D visualization and analytics was developed for a start-up with the objective to enable safe beyond-visualize-line-of-sight (BVLOS) drone operations in cellular networks. For future drone operations, a reliable cellular connection must be established. However, these connection parameters must be predicted using a sophisticated radio frequency model utilizing a mobile network’s cell network database, to tell a UAV operator where it is safe to fly.

3D visualization of a flight path and point cloud

To get a glimpse into the underlying calculations this web application enables users to interactively analyze and visualize the prediction results in a 3D space. It’s a GIS-inspired tool where a user can freely explore a 3D earth representation packed with several features:

  • Render point clouds and volumetric geometries of network indicators (e.g. signal strength or interference) as well as aggregated spaces derived from a rule engine.
  • Freely define rules that determine safe flight parameters, e.g. defining minimum requirements for signal and interference parameters.
  • Analyze and visualize real-world measurement flights.
  • Plan and perform simulated flights on a mobile network.
  • Visualize flight path analytics, e.g. safe flight corridors, connection to serving cells, and potential neighbor cells In the vicinity.
App screenshots of 3D visualization of a safe fly area and flight path

Although the radio frequency prediction is an automated process and an intermediate link to aviation navigation service providers (combined with other safety-relevant data) it is crucial to have direct feedback on these processes and have the means to explore the data to draw conclusions and unveil opportunities. The powerful analytics and 3D visualization capabilities were highly appreciated by industry clients.

Other projects for this client were also carried out, including a company website and a landing page with branding for their drone connective platform.

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