Inspirespace mood board – privacy by design with a pervasive experience

With this app, you can craft beautiful mood boards and freely zoom in and out on the canvas. Your mood board is stored on your computer – no login required!

Mood boards are a physical collection of pictures as a means of inspiration to convey a certain direction for design-driven work. It’s used by visual designers to arrange inspiring user interfaces on a canvas and explore the look and feel of an app.

Mood board overview
Images can be dragged and freely arranged on the canvas

Besides the analog mood boards, there are existing online solutions that have a similar objective to collect pictures. However, current digital mood boards are limited in the free arrangement of pictures. There was no tool that will break this barrier and therefore this app was built. Over time the app was created, which bridges this gap and allows the users to arrange images freely on a canvas. The canvas itself can be zoomed seamlessly to refine and explore areas of interest. This is another dimension that cannot be achieved by analog counterparts. You will have a continuous overview and never lose orientation even when many pictures are present.

In the future the app could be enhanced to bring it to the next level:

  • Utilize object recognition to automatically tag images with the power of client-side machine learning
  • Allow text-based search
  • Support for other media types, e.g. text or video
  • Optimize it for mobile usage, e.g. touch support, progressive web apps, etc.
  • Allow cross-browser syncing
  • Enhance for other use cases, such as a collaboration tool during meetings
  • Create a mobile companion app to send images to the canvas

The images are stored in your browser (using PouchDB) and are not transferred to any centralized storage. This also means that you can only use the app with one browser. In the future, I consider optionally syncing the data to a storage provider, such as Dropbox, where only you have access.

Try it out!

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