CraftYourMap – personalized cartographic art store

On a hiking trip, the idea was born to create beautiful artwork based on the contour lines present in outdoor maps based. Inspired by the abstract forms of the topographic map features, we crafted the first prototypes. The designs gained popularity, and thus we created an online configurator and launched CraftYourMap where customers can personalize the designs and order the artworks in form of posters.

Next to the personalized designs, the shop offers the design collection Atlas Art: fine-art prints of 3D relief visualization based on digital elevation models:

We developed the Shopify store and designed all map designs and 3D renderings offered in the store. To speed up the deployment process, we developed some custom tools that support us in that regard. The store is still in the early stages but has already gained positive feedback from customers and the Creative Business Award 2022.

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